Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Informational Distribution of Cyberspace

First, thank you to our 20 latest backers!!

Peter William
Joseph R. Anguish
Scott Tressler
Corey Adams
Caroline Haddad
Jessica Williams
Sam Schuster
Olwen Searles
Simcha Sholomson
Kimberly Heeter
R Post
Sarah Bressler
G Vidoli
Kristen Campbell
Nick Turshman
Jeff Minucci
Allen Brown

We are now up to 85 Backers and 56% with only ten days left to raise the rest...
What do I do?

I need to figure out something creative but what??

So back to research progress, Linkedin and Twitter are turning out to be pretty helpful with keeping me up to date on local news and how decisions affect the area. A website called http://changeoverbing.com/ just started up devoted to bringing students and local residents together under the common goal of moving the area forward, that's cool. And Tarik Abdelazim (I mentioned him in an earlier post) is running for the Broome County Executive position and he has some pretty progressive ideals so that's cool. More to look into, more to think about.


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